Does your spirit dance? Are you hidden in systems that don’t dance? I’m inviting you to share this journey…

Heartfelt movement with others moves me to peace and joy that passes all understanding. Dance raises wisdom. It’s how I know things. It’s how I pray, and it’s hard to talk about, much less write about. The dance of life lies below articulation and consequently doesn’t make “literary news.” Meanwhile, the so-called “hidden” experiences matter most to me.

Whether we dance best by thinking, music-making, gardening, walking, or if we find ourselves navigating disease, death, cruelty, or 1000 other realities, according to mystics, scientists, and our indigenous guides, dance is how the cosmos operates. As a white woman, I believe that oppressing, refusing, and ignoring the dancing way has enslaved us to deadly, anti-body regimented systems. At the same time, Earth’s Wisdom fosters resilience and freedom in her dancing children. BIPOC community and dancers know that Dance is activism!

“If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be in your revolution.” Emma Goldman

In InterPlay, I’m thrilled that I could help people recenter and lead from their body wisdom. Now, we need to go further. We need the body wisdom of soul for what lies ahead. By this, I mean soul in body. Mind you, it’s rising all over and we see it when we look.

Do you need places and voices that create grace in spite of stiff, overwrought, traumatizing systems? Can you help me look for grace and share how you or others literally dance with family, politics, religion, health, disease, recovery, climate, and the Holy Circus of it all? I need you.

I’ll be sharing my own clues about dancing through grief, joy, and love in my new book, The Art of Ensoulment: How to Create From Body and Soul, coming soon.

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If you are moved to support my offerings, I’m excited to offer you resources from the cornucopia I’ve collected over the decades. I’m shifting from live teaching to hand-crafted offerings to honor my age and my sensitive body. But my desire to share has not ebbed. Do join me.

I always appreciate any encouragement you might offer. Sometimes it feels like I’m dancing in the dark. Thanks for checking in here.

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"If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution." Emma Goldman


Cynthia Winton-Henry

I laugh a lot, dance, write, & make art. I co-created InterPlay. The body wisdom of soul is where it's at, even if it's woo-woo. I teach from The Art of Ensoulment Playbook: How to Create with Body and Soul to help people dance with anything.