Does your spirit dance? Are you hidden in systems that don’t dance? I want to affirm what you and I know as dancing souls…

Heartfelt movement moves me to a peace and joy that passes all understanding. Dancing is also how I learn and know things. It’s how I pray, yet it is hard to talk about, much less write about.

The dance of life lies below articulation, which is one reason I created The Hidden Monastery. In a word-heavy world, if the Dance of Life doesn’t make news, it doesn’t mean it isn’t at play! A dancer can sense Moving Intelligence everywhere, affecting everything. Like many before me, I've also discovered that the Dance of Life is full of sacred instructions. In my Art of Ensoulment Playbook, I’ve mapped out some of the playful guide-dance I’ve uncovered.

If you’ve ever danced and found yourself wiser, healthier, and more beloved, I would love to have you subscribe. If you are interested in somatics, embodiment, art, spirituality, and justice- I’m looking at it all.

According to mystics, scientists, and indigenous people around the world, dance is how the cosmos operates. As a white woman, I believe that oppressing and ignoring the dancing way has enslaved all of us to deadly, anti-body systems. At the same time, Earth’s Wisdom doesn't quit fostering resilience in her dancing children. Perhaps why people kepp waking up to Dance as activism!

“If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be in your revolution.” Emma Goldman

As a co-founder of InterPlay, I’ve witnessed people recenter and lead from the inner authority of their body wisdom. I believe we need to go further still. We need the body wisdom of soul for what lies ahead. By this, I mean soul in body. We need our most potently creative individual and communal centers to jive to unstoppable grace in spite of the rampant, stiff, overwrought, re-traumatizing systems.

Can we illuminate humanity’s lost dancing, embodied, ensouled way? Can we reignite our dance with family, politics, religion, health, disease, recovery, climate, and the Holy Circus of it all? Can we share clues about how we dance through grief, joy, and love?

I’m on the beat. Will you join me? I’ll send reflections to your inbox and respond to comments, questions, images, art, poetry, and links. For me, words dance, and I’m happy to be conversational with a growing circle of friends, writers, artists, dancing theologians, and thinkers who uphold the Dance of Life.

It means a lot to receive financial support for my hand-crafted offerings. I honor paid subscribers with occasional gifts from my cornucopia of resources.

Thank you for dancing with me.

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"If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution." -Slogan attributed to Emma Goldman.


I laugh a lot, dance, write, & make art. I co-founded InterPlay. These days I'm into the body wisdom of soul via The Art of Ensoulment: A Playbook on How to Create from Body and Soul, a way for people to dance with anything.